Two-Hour Consultation: $250

  • Discuss all author concerns.
  • Look at ways the manuscript could be improved.
  • Develop a plan for publication.

Graphic Design: $350

  • Produce a professional book cover using a vast resource of graphic design options.
  • Support the author in creating excellent back-cover copy.

Print-Ready Cover and Content: $1250

  • Format the text and margins for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or IngramSpark (IS) publication.
  • Fix composition errors that are common in word processors.
  • Create a title page, copyright page, and index.
  • Use a professional type style that is typical for traditionally published books.
  • Create a print-ready pdf file for the book contents meeting KDP or IS requirements.
  • Coach the author as needed in setting up a KDP or IS account, defining book specifications, and uploading the cover and contents.
  • Pictures must be placed and resized at a cost of $5 each.
  • Complete layout for a print-ready high-resolution pdf cover file suitable for publishing on KDP or IS.

Pages must be submitted by email in a Microsoft Word file.

  • Lines must be double-spaced.
  • Letter-size pages.
  • One-inch margins.
  • Payable before work begins.

Frank uses the “track changes” feature and balloon notes to do substantive editing of your manuscript. Writers often choose to save costs by sending ten or more pages, learn from all his edits and comments, and then apply those principles to the rest of their manuscripts.

Rates per Word

  • 250 words: .20
  • 500 words: .15
  • 1,000 words: .09
  • 2,500 words: .07
  • 5,000 words: .065
  • 10,000 words: .06
  • 25,000 words: .045
  • 50,000 words: .04

“Frank Ball is not only the editor I trust with my own writing, he is the editor I recommend to anyone who comes to me for a referral. He is the best kind of word nerd and a master at his craft.” — Thomas Umstattd Jr.

“Wow! You found hundreds of little ways to make the story tighter! I just finished going through your edits, and I loved all your suggestions. Thanks a million, Frank! You are such a mechanic with this. Everything you pointed out made perfect sense. Thanks for making the story more powerful!” — Tim Shoemaker

Frank’s hours are 100 percent focused on your project, with no interruptions allowed, not even a trip to the bathroom. So you get the maximum value for his effort, which is payable at $125.00 per hour.

Unpredictable variables make per-page pricing impossible. His hours are 100 percent focused on your project, with no interruptions allowed, not even a trip to the bathroom. So you get the maximum value for his effort, which is payable at $125.00 per hour.

If you submit your materials and requirements, Frank will give you a free estimate of what the total costs might be. The project will be split into small, affordable segments, each one payable before the work is started. At any stage of the process, you have the option of discontinuing or delaying the project’s completion.

You should plan to do as much work yourself as is possible, so the amount of time Frank must spend will be greatly reduced.

Seminars, classes, and how-to books are a great help, but there’s nothing better than the individual attention from a writing professional to boost your writing skills to the next level. Just a little one-on-one mentoring can guide your unique way of thinking and help you break through to a more captivating storytelling style.

  • Send Frank up to 2,000 words of your manuscript in a Microsoft Word attachment.
  • Pay the $249 cost online.
  • Frank spends many hours reading your manuscript and itemizing how and where the writing can be improved. He documents substantive editing tips, critique advice, and rewrite suggestions that are emailed back to you.
  • You and Frank can then follow up with a private 45-minute online or phone consultation to highlight key strengths and weaknesses and answer questions.