At church on Sunday, Charles read Psalm 37:4 on the screen and heard the preacher say, “God will give you the desires of your heart.” He loved the preacher’s message, but was it true? Of course. It was in the Bible. It had to be true, right?
Charles had his doubts.
If God was watching him from Heaven, eager to give him what he wanted, he wouldn’t have to buy all these lottery tickets, would he? No, if God were in control, Charles would need only one ticket to win. Instead, he had to rely on luck, and the odds weren’t good—maybe as likely as being hit by lightning on a clear day.
Charles went back to the Bible to reconsider the verse. There was a condition. He needed to “take delight in the Lord.” What did that mean? The more he thought about it, the more he believed, if he was truly delighted in the Lord, he would only care about having whatever God wanted. And if that were true, he would be getting the desires of his heart, guaranteed.
He liked those odds.
How can we be content with God’s provision and not think we must have more?

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