Some people think the restriction of free speech is something new. Say something inappropriate and the Political Correctness Police will post your words on YouTube. You could be kicked out of the club or lose your job.
Actually, needing to watch our words is nothing new. As a youngster, I knew I’d get a spanking if I hit my sister, so I resorted to name calling. “You’re a blankety-blank,” I said. She didn’t know what a blankety-blank was, and neither did I. But my tone said it was something very bad, which made her cry.
I felt good about myself until Daddy walked in. That’s when I learned what it was like to have your mouth washed out with soap. Evidently, Mom heard about my words, because later she said, “If you can’t say something good about someone, don’t say anything at all.”
Because of my great dislike for the taste of soap, I decided to heed her advice. Besides, there was always a chance God could be at the door, listening to what I was saying.
Jesus said, “You can be sure, on Judgment Day, people will have to give account for every word carelessly spoken” (Matthew 12:36).

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