In the 1940s, we didn’t have Interstates that cut through the hills and raised the valleys. The roads went up and down like waves on the high seas. I loved the weightless feel when Daddy drove down a gravel road and crested a hill at almost fifty miles per hour.
Roller coasters are even more fun, assuming you enjoy jerks and turns that will separate your shoulder and bruise your hip. I’m too old for that. Give me a smooth highway with a gentle rise and fall, not too steep and not too flat.
I used to think life was like a roller coaster. What went up must come down. That was before I recognized the difference between riding a roller coaster and following the Lord. On the ride, I wind up where I started. But with the Lord, all my “downs” precede another exciting trip farther up.
As we focus on the Lord’s presence and behold his glory, all of us are changed into the same image, rising from one level of excellence to the next as the Holy Spirit keeps working in our lives. — 2 Corinthians 3:18

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