If you don’t want to be noticed, then look and act like everybody else.
One day I went with a friend for lunch at a Japanese grill. We sat at the front and three attractive young ladies joined our group, along the side to my left.
While my friend and I were visiting, I overheard the ladies discuss issues at school where they were teachers. They talked about what fun they would have on the weekend. A wild party was mentioned, someone planned to stop just short of getting drunk, and then there was that really hot date.
After the chef arrived and my friend and I prayed before the meal, their tone of conversation suddenly changed. Obviously, we were Christians. As it turned out, so were they. One was a worship leader at her church, another went to church where her brother was pastor, and the third went to my church.
Apparently, during all the time the ladies had worked together at school, they had never let it be known that they were Christians. Why? Perhaps they feared the political correctness police or they needed to conceal their identity to keep their jobs.
I don’t have enough information to judge, but I’m wondering. Were they hiding their testimony? If so, what do you suppose the consequences will be?
“If anyone publicly acknowledges me before men,” [Jesus said,} “I will publicly acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But anyone who denies me before men I will deny before my Father in heaven.” — Matthew 10:32 (Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story)