Jack was attending a seminar, talking to the leader. “When we break for lunch, we ought to pray.”
Later, he had second thoughts. This was a business event, not a church gathering. Out of 100 people, an atheist, agnostic, or even a Christian might be offended. What was Jack going to do? Nothing. Hopefully, the leader would either forget or ignore his suggestion.
As the clock approached noon, at the final words of dismissal, Jack relaxed. There would be no prayer. This was good. After all, Christians wouldn’t be offended since this wasn’t a church event, and others wouldn’t know about his suggestion. Not praying was good.
The meeting leader turned to Jack. “Would you lead us in prayer before we go?”
“Sure…” He wanted to say something short and un-offensive, but there was no time to think of a politically correct prayer. “Father God,” he said, “bless our food and our time of visiting with one another. In Jesus name, amen.”
Jack glanced around the room, wondering what people were thinking. “If you were offended by my prayer and wanted to hold your hands over your ears,” he said, “I’m sorry. But if there is no God, what difference does it make? I can help you with that discomfort, so I’d love for you to sit at my table.”
What do you suppose went on during lunch conversations that day?

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