According to legend, a colorfully dressed musician arrived in the German town Hamlin. With his hypnotic tune, all the rats from the city followed him to their death in the river. But when the king refused to pay him as agreed, the pied piper led all the children away, never to be seen again.
More than seven hundred years later, people still follow the tunes that sound good, blind to the dangers that might lie ahead. Perhaps this explains why so many will do what Jesus predicted, following the broad road to destruction instead of the narrow road to life (Matthew 7:13–14).
People refused to follow John the baptizer because he was anti-social, refusing to eat and drink with them. They refused to follow Jesus because he was too social, eating and drinking with sinners (Matthew 11:18–19).
The world may measure a great leader by the size of his following, but I think true greatness depends on where the leader is going.
“I am the way, the truth, and the life,” Jesus said. “Everyone who reaches the Father goes through me.” — John 14:6