In just a few frames, a comic strip delivers interesting stories. To stir my creativity, I read my collection of strips every morning. My favorites are Calvin and Hobbes, Blondie, and Pickles.
A few years ago, I read a Blondie strip that has stuck in my memory because it posed an interesting question. Young Elmo was standing at the curb, waiting for the school bus. Strangely, Dagwood wasn’t running late on this day. He was also waiting for his ride.
Elmo looked in awe at Dagwood, as if Elmo was facing a grueling day at school but would one day enjoy a wonderful time at the office.
Dagwood sees work as an unavoidable pain, so he has to correct Elmo’s idea that someone could be paid to have fun. “What if you have to take a job that isn’t fun, Elmo?”
Elmo laughed. “Who would do a dumb thing like that, Mr. B.?”
Some people think work is a four-letter word describing something they have no choice but to do. They are slaves to their jobs for fifty weeks just so they can have a two-week vacation. To enjoy life for that short time, they have to work twice as hard the week before and after—to make up for the time they missed.
I never thought that was a very good deal.
Way back in my school days, I looked for pleasure but didn’t find much. I soon learned how short-lived the fun times could be. Life was never easy. There were always problems I couldn’t escape. That’s why I forced myself to have a different mindset. The harder the work, the more fun I’m going to have doing it.
If you think that’s impossible, you should hear what my greatest challenge is now. How can I have more fun when I have a day off?
Don’t be lazy or casual about your service, but diligently seek to please the Lord. — Romans 12:11

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