I’ve learned the hard way. Before I sign a contract, I must be sure I know what I’m agreeing to. Even a comma can change the meaning, so I must read carefully.
I may need a magnifying glass.
My old eyes don’t focus as well as they used to. The fine print is too small to see clearly, so I have my magnifying glass handy. Why is the print so small? Maybe so everything will fit on one page. Or maybe the other party doesn’t want me to notice something crucial in my commitment. If I commit to something costly, more than what I would want to pay, I could be in bad trouble.
Contracts work both ways.
I agree to do something in exchange for whatever the other party is agreeing to. I offer to do so much work for the amount I specify. As soon as the client pays, I’m obligated to do the work according to the contract, no matter how much time and money I must invest.
I want a contract that works in my favor.
Jacob once bargained with God, asking for his blessing in exchange for 10 percent (Genesis 28:20–22). If God gave me a million dollars, I would have $900,000.00. Who wouldn’t want a deal like that? Unless there’s something in the fine print that I need to consider.
If I were facing death, how much would I pay for my life? Does the contract say Jesus paid the debt, so I owe nothing? I don’t think so. Since he paid my debt, I now owe him my life.
Jesus said we can’t be his disciple unless we’re willing to give up everything. To save my life, I must give it up, taking up my “cross” to follow him (Luke 9:23).
I signed the perfect contract.
Can I trust the Lord with my whole life? Would I be willing to give up everything I might want to do for whatever it is that the Lord might want me to do? Not unless I believe his plan is better than mine, but I do believe that.
I took a blank sheet of paper, picked up a pen, and signed my name at the bottom. I then handed the paper to the Lord and said, “You fill out the rest. However you want the contract to read, you have my signature at the bottom. I am totally committed to whatever you want to do. Don’t worry about reading the fine print. There isn’t any.”
What have you gained if you own the whole world but lose your life? Nothing has sufficient value that you should want to exchange it for your life. — Matthew 16:26