Of all the holidays, this is my favorite. Halloween is over, thank God, and Christmas is just around the corner.
As a kid, I was thankful for no school and lots of food. Years later, it was watching great football and lots of food. Then it was having all the families together and lots of food.
Today I get to celebrate my birthday and enjoy lots of food, with cake and ice cream. I will eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow I diet.
The secret to living long is having lots of birthdays. My first goal is to celebrate age thirty-nine for the second cycle of years. Only nine years left to reach that one. Then I’ll go for the three-peat: 117. It’s been done before. At my last calculation, to do all the writing I think I need to do, I must live to be 154.
Many people are thankful to be alive, saying it’s better than the alternative. Not me. If it weren’t for the work I need to do here, I’d rather be in Heaven with the Lord. That’s why my greatest thanks is for having the Lord with me here, on Earth.
So today, while I enjoy all that food, I’ll be thanking God for his presence and the opportunity to help others. Without that, life wouldn’t be worth living.
Jesus said, “I have had food to eat that you know nothing about.” — John 4:32

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