Day after day, a man dragged himself to the Bethesda pool with the hope of being healed when an angel stirred the water. If he could guess when the bubbles would rise to the surface, he could be the one who reached the water first. But there was a problem: he couldn’t move very fast.
Any amount of time might pass before the water stirred again. It could happen in the morning, or maybe as the sun fell below the horizon. Always, someone closer or less afflicted reached the pool before the man could, arising and shouting, convinced he had been healed. Eventually, the man realized his situation was hopeless.
The man was left to accept his plight, doing like all the others around the pool, begging for alms.
I wonder how many people today are like that man, living in hopelessness, unaware of what God might do.
If I am to make good on my commitment to the Lord, I must be ready to share how I have survived my struggles, revealing why I have hope in this hopeless world. (1 Peter 3:15). Then, after preparing, how will my story reach those who need to hear it?
Jesus went to where the needy people were. Could it be that we should do the same?
To read the biblical account from Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story, Click Here.

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