My message works well for both seekers and strong believers of all denominational backgrounds, because I connect your needs with the answers found in the words and actions of Jesus, an approach that is universally accepted in all Christian beliefs.

Banwell Community Church
Shoes that Fit

The good-looking shoes aren’t always the shoes we need for the job that God has for us. While we need to understand the thoughts and feelings of others, we’ll never fit in someone else’s shoes. God’s plan and purpose is unique for each individual, and he directs our paths, one step at a time.

Parkwood Gospel Temple
Story Power

The Bible says we should always be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within us, but most Christians don’t know what to say or how to say it.
I’ve observed Frank as a keynoter and as a speaker in front of large groups. His delivery is warm and welcoming. His down-to-earth style helps audiences connect with him immediately. His eye-opening messages stimulate minds and stir souls. — Twila Belk, Writer and Speaker, Conference Director
Frank Ball has a strong, proven background in biblical studies. His message works well for both seekers and strong believers of all denominational backgrounds because his focus centers on the life of Christ, the foundation of all Christian beliefs. His presentations are straightforward, practical, and engaging, which may explain why his ministry continues to grow beyond the walls of this church, supporting local congregations everywhere. I am happy to recommend him to any church or business who has interest in his topics. — Jim Kuykendall, Sr. Associate Pastor, Cross Timbers Community Church

Some of Frank’s Past Speaking Events

  • North Texas Christian Writers Conferences and Seminars, Fort Worth, TX
  • Story Help Groups Conferences and Seminars, Fort Worth, TX
  • Quad-Cities Christian Writers Conference, Eldridge, IA
  • Southern California Christian Writers Conference, Los Angeles, CA
  • Roaring Lambs Christian Writers Conference, Dallas, TX
  • C.S. Lewis Writers Retreat, Camp Allen, TX
  • American Christian Writers Conference, Dallas, TX
  • Christian Resource Center, Beckley, WV
  • Texian Christian Writers Conference, Tehuacana, TX
  • Frontiers in Writing Conference, Amarillo, TX
  • Creek Writing Retreat, Dry Creek, LA
  • The Christian Pen’s Editor Convention, Austin, TX
  • Global Media Summit, Grapevine, TX
  • Many church events in the U.S. and Canada