Because Johnny was blind, exploring his world and making discoveries required skillful use of hearing, touch, and smell. Somehow, Daddy used his expensive pocket watch to tell time, which was different from feeling the sun’s warmth and knowing it was day.
He held the watch in his hand, wondering. Could Daddy tell time by holding the watch to his ear and somehow counting the tic-tic-tic? He found a seam along the side, and with a flat-blade screwdriver forced the case open. Wheels and cogs meshed into one another, and something was moving in pace with the ticking sound.
Daddy walked into the room. “What are you doing?” His tone was harsh, as if Johnny had done something bad.
“Nothing.” Johnny laid the parts on the dresser, out of sight.
After a severe spanking, Johnny tried to figure out the puzzle. Johnny had put the parts back on the dresser, but somehow Daddy knew how they got there. How could his dad know so much that he could not know?
Then, one day, Daddy said, “You’re blind, and I am not.”
That solved the puzzle.
Jesus never condemned being blind. The problem, he said, was in saying we could see when we couldn’t (John 9:41).

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