When I was a kid, I felt grown up when I played house with my sister and walked in my dad’s shoes. They were so big, I had to shuffle my feet across the floor to keep the shoes from falling off. Twenty years later, I couldn’t have worn his shoes if I had wanted to. They were much too small.
I have several pairs of shoes in my closet, but I only wear them on special occasions when the look, not the walk, is important. Why? On a hike, they’d pinch my feet and raise blisters.
My everyday shoes are for comfort, not style. Somebody else’s shoes wouldn’t do at all. My favorite shoes are well worn but comfortable, which explains why I don’t throw them away, even though the soles are almost worn through.
My walk with the Lord promises to be a long, difficult journey. So I’m wondering if the best interpretation of the apostle Paul’s words about fitting ourselves with the armor of God might be: “Fit your feet with comfortable shoes as you prepare to share the Good News of peace” (Ephesians 6:15).

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