Years ago, photographers set a timer on the camera and ran to be included in the picture. But if we didn’t have one of those fancy cameras, the one who said “smile” to everyone else was strangely absent from the family photo album.
Now, we just hold our cell phones at arm’s length, see our faces in the image, and snap a picture of the most important person in our world. Me.
At the clothing store, when I glance at myself in a full-length mirror, I feel a little uneasy. Do I really look like that? Actually, I don’t. What I see is an image flipped horizontally. The left side of my face is what others see on my right. I wonder, Which side is my best side?
I heard the preacher say, “It’s not about you.” From his vantage point, maybe so, but I can’t get away from the fact that the entire universe seems to revolve around me. I’m at the center of everything I see, hear, and feel. Poke me in the chest, and I’ll say, “Hey, watch out. I live in there.”
I’m still not good at taking selfies. Why? I can’t seem to find the right focus that will show my best side. I promise to keep trying, because God is still making me better. One day, I’ll be the person God wants me to be, and I’ll take a perfect selfie.
When we look in a mirror, we see an imperfect reflection of who we are, but when we see the Lord face-to-face, we will see ourselves as he sees us. Right now, our knowledge and vision is limited, but the day will come when we will see as God does. — 1 Corinthians 13:12