Twas just before Halloween, up at the North Pole
Where Santa was reading a frightening scroll
Containing the names of all bad girls and boys
Who wouldn’t be getting any Christmas toys.

The Nice List was filled with blank lines needing names
That made Santa cry and say, “Oh, what a shame!”
Without need for toys, the elves would have no work.
And they would think Santa was a big, fat jerk.”

What could he do to help girls and boys be good,
To obey their parents, doing all they should?
Then the Naughty List would have nothing but blanks,
When his heavy sleigh flew over the snow banks.

He wrote high on the wall G-S-G-T-D
A texted message for every elf to see,
But the code was hard for them to figure out.
What could the silly letters be all about?

“Get Santa’s Good Toys Delivered,” one elf said.
But some of the elves called him a big blockhead.
They thought it meant, “Go Slow, Giving Toys Detail,”
But most of the elves’ happy faces went pale.

“We can’t tell what it means,” they cried with great fear.
“Why should these letters be the ones to appear?”
They went to see Santa, with blushing faces,
And gave him all of their possible cases.

“Ho-ho-ho.” Santa laughed as his face turned red.
“The kids who do texting will know what I’ve said.
If they see my message, they’ll hear what is true.
They’ll be on the Nice List, give you work to do.”

On billboards and banners, behind Santa’s plane,
On cell phones and emails came the texting chain.
The kids knew it said, “Give Something Good ToDay.”
G-S-G-T-D was for giving away.

They gave their old toys to needy girls and boys
And felt so good because they had shared their joys.
They texted their friends with G-S-G-T-D
Reminding them to be the best they could be.

When the grown-ups first saw the strange text message,
They thought it was some silly kid-talk verbiage
Until they saw the good that was being done
And asked why the kids were having so much fun.

When they heard G-S-G meant Give Something Good
They entered their delightful, second childhood,
Smiling, laughing, and shouting, “Merry Christmas!”
Joyfully singing the “Give ToDay” chorus.

“Ho-ho-ho,” Santa said, checking his Nice List.
The weight of the book put a strain on his wrist.
Santa and his elves had to work at super speed
To fill all the orders that goodness decreed.

This is what Christmas is really all about
Not getting, but giving, brings great joy throughout
We become rich by giving ourselves away
Making room for more blessings to come our way.

Because giving, not getting, is the most fun,
Making a merry Christmas for everyone.
It’s Santa’s secret code for what we should see.
When we hear a voice say, “G-S-G-T-D.”