In late November, usually a weekend just before Thanksgiving, I get to hang Christmas lights on the roof line. At my age, why do I do that?
Maybe I want to show that I’m still young enough to climb to the top of a sixteen-foot ladder without losing my balance. But that hasn’t always proven true. Twice, to keep from falling, I jumped and rolled when I hit the ground. With that experience, I’m now more careful.
Some might think I want to show my bravery as I walk the roof and fully extend my arms to reach the place where the next light must go. But actually, that’s not it at all. The truth is, my grandkids think I’m Santa, and I have to play the part.
I’ve dreamed of doing something really fancy, with the lights flashing to the beat of a popular Christmas tune, which probably will never happen. Why? At the moment, learning more technical stuff seems harder than climbing a ladder. I’d rather enjoy the elaborate work of others.
I put The Piano Guys at the top of my appreciation list after they linked 500,000 Christmas lights to piano keys and the tune “I Saw Three Ships.”