• Get mentoring help to publish a great first chapter.
  • Grow your audience as you publish one more chapter each month.
  • Earn royalties as you keep adding to your book.
  • Have a long list of fans eager to buy your print book and e-book as soon as it’s finished.

The Problem with Publication

No matter how good or important your story is, people can’t buy your book unless they know about it. Bookstores aren’t interested, and an Amazon listing just makes you one of about thirty million books. The chance of a stranger finding your book uninvited is as likely as being struck by lightning.

Get a Lightning Rod

How do you get readers to find you? There’s only one best way. Make your chapter captivating. Then tell three friends who will be so excited that they will tell three friends, who will each tell three friends who will tell three other friends. Already, you have eighty-one readers, and most of them are strangers. Wonderful.

Hire Affordable Help

Authors can spend tens of thousands of dollars for mentoring and ghostwriting, and they still don’t have what is needed to (1) sell your book and (2) get people to read your book. Here’s a better idea: pay for only the professional help you need for a great chapter. You don’t pay any more than what you need for a chapter. Then you decide whether it’s worth paying for help with the next chapter.

Publish One Chapter at a Time on Amazon’s Kindle Vella

You don’t have to finish your book and then publish everything. With the new (2021) Kindle Vella for online readers, you can be published with the first chapter. With each additional chapter, let your audience know they can read more and keep growing your email list.

I’m a strong believer in investing all you can in a first chapter, because every chapter after that will be much better. Typically, after a book is finished, it must be rewritten to make it better.

You might want to view this three-minute video about publishing on Kindle Vella.