Believe and your dreams will come true. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if positive thinking worked all the time? What should we do if it doesn’t?
Keep on believing.
Keeping the faith is especially true for Christians. Aren’t we told that all things are possible for those who believe (Mark 10:27)? Unbelief is bad, even sinful, so I must keep on believing. God will make a way where there seems to be no way. I’m told, if I keep on believing, God will give me the desires of my heart.
Maybe I should face reality.
How long should I keep believing what hasn’t happened yet? I used to be 5-11 and couldn’t dunk a basketball. At my old age, I’ve shrunk to 5-10, but I can still dream. At what point should I accept reality and handle the disappointment? I’ll never be able to fly through the air and slam a basketball through the net.
The impossible might be possible.
I need to keep thinking positively, because I have no doubt what God can do. If he can cause Peter to walk on water, he can give me Super Air Jordans to launch me so high that I can look down at the rim. Will believing God make it happen? Unbelief would certainly keep it from happening. I’d complain that the shoes didn’t fit. My believing will work only if that’s what God wants to do.
God has an answer.
I can be sure, if God doesn’t choose to enable my ball-dunking ability, he has greater thrills in mind for me. When God doesn’t immediately grant my request, I can be sure his answer is either no or later. Should I maintain my positive thinking, as if God didn’t hear me the first time? I don’t think so. Jesus reprimanded believers who kept pestering God with the same request (Matthew 6:7).
Believe in whatever God chooses to do.
When I was a kid, I thought “later” meant “never.” I’m sure that wasn’t always true, but that’s the way I felt because I was looking for “yes, right now.” Either way, for the present moment, I had to face reality. The answer was no. The apostle Paul had to accept such a reality when he had no choice but to accept his “messenger from Satan.” Did he quit believing? No, he did what I need to learn. He believed God had a good purpose in what he had to endure, even if it was nothing like what he’d consider a blessing from God.
Positive thinking can be dangerous.
When my positive doesn’t happen, I have to wonder if God has a different plan. If so, I could be doing what is right in my own eyes. That kind of positive thinking can be fatal.
There is a way that seems right but ends in death. — Proverbs 14:12