The Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant seeking costly pearls. When he found one pearl of exceptional value, he sold everything he owned and bought it. — Matthew 13:45–46
To a pig, peas are worth much more than pearls. Why? People value pearls because they can be made into expensive jewelry, but pigs don’t care much about appearances. A pig’s paradise is mostly about what there is to eat.
People are much smarter than pigs, aren’t they? That’s because we know value when we see it. Or do we?
Jesus gave his life for me, which shows how much value he placed on me. I wonder how much value I should place upon him. That is proven, not by what I say but by what I do, which is the price I am willing to pay.
Throughout history, martyrs have demonstrated their conviction that their relationship with Christ was worth dying for. I think I’m faced with what might be an even greater sacrifice. Every day, I get to give up everything I want so I can have whatever God wants.
That won’t happen unless I can somehow value his will above mine.
Which is worth more, a ten-ounce bar of silver or a king size chocolate bar? People would be smart enough to take the silver bar worth over $150, right? Not if the chocolate is worth more to them.