In my hurry to get to my next class, I took the shortcut around the gymnasium, ducked my head to miss the low-hanging branch, and wham! The sky went black for a moment. I staggered, not sure where I was, and then I knew I had run into the corner of the brick building.
I was bleeding, had a concussion, and needed stitches. Obviously, I knew the building was there, but I hadn’t seen it.
What I see and what I don’t see can be determined by my narrow focus and what I choose to see. Even if I’m looking at a mirage, when others see it, I can still be convinced it’s there.
That’s why I pray for the Lord to keep me safe, to guide me in the direction he wants me to go. His eyes are much better than mine.
God’s eyes see everything, both the evil and the good. — Proverbs 15:3 paraphrase

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