David said, “God sees me every time I sit up or sit down. He even knows my thoughts from afar” (Psalm 139:2). Jesus said, “God sees every sparrow that falls. And you should know you’re worth much more to him than a couple of sparrows” (Matthew 10:29–31). He might also have said, “God sees every snowflake drifting to the ground and hears the sound of a tree falling in the forest, even when no one is there.
Does God really know our thoughts? We wouldn’t think so, not if he sits on a throne in Heaven somewhere on the far side of the universe, beyond the reach of our best spaceships. Perhaps it was this distance gap that David sought to close in our misconceptions when he included the words, “from afar,” acknowledging the distance yet showing how intimately close he is.
He can hear every word we say. Can we grasp the truth that God reads and understands every thought that crosses our minds when we pray?

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