The doctor said, “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.” That was in the 1940s. Today, people usually insist on something much stronger, available only by prescription—Prozac, perhaps, or an antidepressant.
When we’re stressed, we need a solution, and we’re naturally inclined to take the easy route. A pill might help, but watch out for the side effects. And the relief doesn’t last without continuing medication.
We need to be careful that we’re not masking symptoms, missing the cure, and perpetuating the causes for stress.
Natural medication comes in forms other than pills. Laughter is great medicine. Soothing music, scheduled breaks, and daily exercise can be helpful.
I’ve learned that I must avoid temporary stress-relievers that afterward increase the stress, such as relieving financial stress by going shopping, adding to the debt.
My best prescription is to meditate upon the Lord, not medicate, focusing my mind on what is pure, lovely, and virtuous (Philippians 4:8). By counting my blessings, not what I lack, I have less reason to be stressed.
The Lord gives perfect peace to those who keep their minds fixed upon him, who completely trust him. — Isaiah 26:3

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