Growing up, I made grades that were good enough to earn ridicule at times for being the teacher’s pet. But invariably, some genius kid ahead of me would have a better score, making me feel like a failure.As the youngest in my class, I didn’t have the size or strength to excel in most sports. However, my smallness worked to my advantage on the track. At the sound of the gun, I ran as fast as I could, but I never won a race. I usually came in second, which proved I would never measure up.
How do you suppose David felt when his father, Jessie, invited him to Samuel’s anointing party? He was picked last, and for what? To be king of Israel? Had it not been God’s plan, that would have been a stupid dream, since he wasn’t Saul’s son and heir to the throne, and he wasn’t a valiant warrior who could command an army, let alone lead a nation.
I was once an elevator operator in a hotel that hosted college basketball players. They towered above me like trees above saplings. Instead of the usual, telling people to watch their step, before they got off the elevator, I said, “Watch your head.”
What made David think he could knock down Goliath with a pea shooter? Perhaps he knew what I’m now beginning to understand: we can always measure up when we’re participants in God’s plan.

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