Good grades were important, but American History was not. I didn’t care about the Battle of Shiloh or who the sixteenth US president was. I needed only to remember the names, dates, and places long enough to ace the test, not actually learn the stuff. How could I do that most easily?On the day of a test, before the early birds were up to find worms, I was out of bed, dressed, and turning the pages of my textbook, focusing on answers to all the possible questions. My short-term memory let me walk into class and score an A that said I knew the material. By lunch time, I’d forgotten it all.
I wonder how many Christians treat God’s Word as something they see flashed on a screen during a weekend message, but by the time they walk out the door, they’ve forgotten it all.
If I’m more concerned about looking good than being good, that’s exactly what I would do. But if I dare to be different, I might read and reread a verse. Perhaps I would look at the Greek or Hebrew text to see if there’s a meaning that goes beyond what I first assumed. And then I’d do as the teacher instructed: “Write it in my own words.”
On Sunday, March 1, at Banwell Community Church in Windsor, Ontario, I had more to say about that, under the title: Shoes that Fit: The good-looking shoes aren’t always the shoes we need for the job that God has for us.

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