While I get dressed each morning, I listen to Bible CDs. Right now, I’m hearing the stories of King Saul’s disobedience and relationship with Samuel and David. I’m not content with hearing it once. I’ll listen to the CD every day for a month. I’ve finished this CD at least a dozen times, but yesterday, I realized for the first time that Samuel twice prophesied God’s rejection of King Saul and isolated himself from the king after that. After a time of grieving, God sent Samuel to anoint David to become Israel’s king. Somehow I’d missed the fact of two rejections, and I didn’t know that Samuel had separated himself from the king.
I had always wondered how David could play the harp during Saul’s periods of depression, yet not be recognized when he later asked to fight Goliath. That’s what the Bible says happened.
Now I have an idea I’d never considered before. If I understand those times, how kings had no interest in their servants but only wanted to be served, then I can see how Saul didn’t care to know anything about this servant until after David had killed the giant.
What this experience tells me, the slow learner, is that a “second look” may not be enough. I may need to keep looking.
What have you recently seen that you’d never seen before?

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