Twenty years ago, I thought there was only one right way to do anything. My way. Call me naïve if you like, but I felt sure, as soon as everybody understood my reasoning, they would agree with me.
After taking some personality tests at work, I discovered what I should have known all along. God makes no two people alike, and I was foolish to think we should ever be the same.
I already knew how different my wife was from me—about 75 percent different. But that was okay. Like the strong pull of the opposite poles of a magnet, we came together with the idea that we should never be alike. Our differences were our strength. We combined our talents and covered our weaknesses.
How different were we really? I convinced her to take the same personality test I had taken, and sure enough, I was right. Her tastes matched mine about 25 percent of the time. But what about our son? She thought he was 75 percent like her. I thought he was 75 percent like me. We couldn’t both be right, could we? So I had him take the test.
I was amazed. My son’s choices were 25 percent like hers and 25 percent like mine, but mostly, he was different from both of us.
That was when I began to understand that all of us are uniquely made to become the person God wants us to be.
I praise you, Lord, because of the awesome, unique way that you created me. You did wonderfully well, and my whole being knows and declares this truth. — Psalm 139:14

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