When I was four years old, I learned in kindergarten that Earth was like a ball. America was on one side, China on the other.
That evening at a friend’s house, I explained the amazing facts I had learned that day. “The teacher said, if we started digging straight down, we’ll eventually reach China.”
“Let’s do it,” he said.
We each grabbed a tablespoon from the kitchen drawer, found a soft spot in the lawn, and started digging. Our hands grew sore, and it was too dark to see very well.
“I’ll get a flashlight,” my friend said, “so we can see how close we are.”
We had dug a good six inches, but we thought China was probably much farther down, so we quit.
That’s the problem with digging. Unless we believe the treasure is worth the effort, we’ll do something else.
Without faith, pleasing God is impossible. That’s because anyone who pays the high cost of coming to God must believe in a great reward for the effort. — Hebrews 11:6

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