By Frank Ball
I’ll never forget Christmas at Granny’s when I was twelve. At times, I want to forget, because that was the year the family was singing Christmas carols on the drive back home late at night. A drunk driver hit us head on. All I remember is hearing Mom scream, “Jesus,” and then my world went black.
I woke up in the hospital three days later, with Gramps at my side. Granny was holding my hand. “Where’s Mom?” I asked.
Granny had tears in her eyes. “She’s fine,” Granny said. “Everything is going to be all right.”
Gramps nodded. “We’ll all be seeing them soon.” He smiled as he patted my shoulder. He was obviously thrilled to see me alive and conscious, because he was crying too.
A week later, I was strong enough to leave the hospital, and I still hadn’t seen Mom or Dad. My older brother was always picking on me, but I even missed seeing him. The nurse talked like I was the only person in the hospital. She didn’t know where they were.
The nurse rolled me in the wheelchair out to Gramps’ car. I sat in the front across from Gramps. Granny got in the back. Gramps patted my knee and smiled, then started the car, saying nothing.
Hospital food is nothing to brag about, so I was eager to eat some of Granny’s home cooking. But even more, I wanted to see my family. Nobody else was saying anything, so I had to ask, “Where’s Mom and Dad?”
That’s when I learned that I was the only one who survived the crash. Mom, Dad, and Sam were in Heaven, and they were just fine. For a long time after that, I felt so empty and alone. I never wanted to see another Christmas.
But one day I realized how important this holiday was. Granny and Gramps were right. Because of Jesus, everything really was going to be all right. We would all be together soon.
My heart warmed as I felt God’s presence, and his love has made Christmas a time for celebration because I know never have to feel alone.
We have full confidence, knowing that our present condition is temporary and we will soon be at home with the Lord. We know this through faith, by spiritual insight, not physical observation. — 2 Corinthians 5:6, Frank Ball paraphrase