My three-year-old son was sitting on the floor, a few feet in front of the television, watching Saturday morning cartoons. I filled a bowl with green grapes and placed it between him and me as Roadrunner made a fool of Wile E. Coyote yet again.
I didn’t touch the grapes, waiting for him to share. Instead, he pulled the bowl closer to him and popped one grape after another into his mouth.
“Don’t you think it would be nice,” I said, “to share some grapes with your dad?”
He looked at the grapes, then at me. After another longing look at the grapes, he appeared ready to give. While protecting his bowl, he pulled off one grape and handed it to me.
That’s when I realized that I should thank God for my bowl, that he would always fill it with what I needed. I’d be foolish to withhold giving to others since I could depend on him to supply more.
Jesus said, “Those who have sacrificed their homes, relatives, or possessions for my sake and for the good news will receive a hundred times more and will have eternal life. — Mark 10:29–30

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