Years ago, the Prayer of Jabez became a bestselling book, number one on the charts for both the Christian and general markets. I suspect the reason for its popularity was the hope that “God will honor my prayer and keep giving me more.”
I’m not seeing where that always works for people.
Jesus said life isn’t found in the abundance of our possessions, so if having more for myself is my goal, I can never be satisfied. “More” will never be enough.
What I must understand is that Jabez wanted more so he could give more. The “lengthening of his tent stakes” wasn’t just to have a bigger house for himself. He wanted the means to welcome more strangers.
I keep reminding myself of Jesus’ words: “Give, and you will not have to worry about receiving. You will receive a full measure, packed down, shaken together, and spilling into your lap. The measure you give determines the measure you will receive” (Luke 6:38).
If my desire for more is to give to others, I can be thankful for whatever God has provided for me to give.
I can be satisfied even though I want more.

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