Sometimes people ask if I believe Jesus will return in our lifetime. They’re talking about the second coming of the Lord described in Matthew 24:3–42, Mark 13:3–37, and Luke 21:7–36.
At first, I’m amazed at the question. Do they think I know something beyond what Jesus had to say? Or maybe they want to know so badly, they think hearing any novice opinion will be better than being left in complete ignorance.
Some people listen to psychics, consult horoscopes, and trust weather forecasters. If the prophets are right more than half the time, they think that’s good. And if they believe in them, they’ll work to prove they are right.
Perhaps, feeling like we know the future gives us a sense of control. If the Lord isn’t coming right away, we still have a little time left to play. Or do we?
When people ask, I tell them exactly when Judgment Day will come. Yes, I’m sure it will be in their lifetime. I guarantee it. After hearing my explanation, they agree, but I have a sense that they aren’t entirely happy with my answer.
On whatever day we draw our last breath on Earth, we face judgment and eternity (Hebrews 9:27).
How will it end for us? When will it end? We don’t know. Since our day could be today, we need to be ready now.
We can look at history all we want, but our future is still a guess. That’s why today is a great day to know the Lord.

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