In October 1957, I stared into the night sky to see Sputnik I orbiting the earth. For centuries, exploring the stars had only been a reality in science fiction books. But now those dreams were becoming real in our physical world. One day, we might even put a man on the moon. If we could do that, maybe we could climb Martian mountains in search of life. How far could we travel? How much could we learn?
My science classes in school were wonderful, because every lesson deepened my awe of God’s wisdom and power. Saying God was creator of the universe meant much more after I saw pictures that broadened my perspective of how vast his territory was. I build a telescope to get a better of the moon, Jupiter, and Saturn. I wondered what it would be like to see Earth from out there. At the time, nobody knew.
I find that the more I walk with God, the better I know him and appreciate his presence. It’s now so enjoyable, I look forward to an eternity learning more.

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