A person who is aphoristic is not someone who has problems with memory or with aphids in his garden. An aphoristic person is given to making or quoting aphorisms (pronounced afuh-riz-uh m), which are short, memorable sayings to express a truth.
I think this is more information than most people want to know, so I don’t call my sayings aphorisms. I call them Frankisms. Now isn’t that simpler?
Here are just a few.
  • A lie has no power if it doesn’t appear to be true.
  • All work and no play can still be fun if you whistle.
  • We seek deserving people for our giving, but God serves the undeserving.
  • The world we watch becomes the world in which we live.
  • We should be thankful for the valleys. Without them, we wouldn’t appreciate the mountaintops.
  • In following the Lord, we take one step at a time, right behind wherever he leads.
  • God wants to be your guide, not your chauffeur.
  • Only the hopeless have no hope.
  • Finding a treasure is great pleasure, but losing a treasure is tragedy.
  • The greatest of all rewards is to find a treasure you have lost.
  • When the cold days are gone, the roses will bloom again.
  • A leopard can’t change his spots without God’s help.
  • If we knew how much God was our answer, we wouldn’t bother with the questions.
  • A miracle put the stars in space, but the greater wonder is to be saved by his grace.
  • When people turn to the Lord and don’t find help, they need help in turning to the Lord.
  • Cleanliness is to godliness as a comfortable bed is to restful sleep.
  • We pray, not so God will do what we want, but so we can do what God wants.
  • Without God, life is hell.
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