When I was young and thought I was smart, I prayed to be a miracle. I wanted God’s glory to be revealed in my life. Then I realized how dangerous such a prayer was.
To be a miracle, I would have to suffer some dire need.
I didn’t like that suffering part, so I did my best to retract my prayer. “God, I’m okay,” I said. “I think I’d rather not be a miracle.”
Why didn’t God listen to me?
Jesus said that God knows our needs before we do (Matthew 6:8). That was certainly true in my case. Maybe it’s true for everyone, because God wants everyone to be his miracle.
God’s great miracle doesn’t change how we look or what we have.
If I’m looking for wealth, recognition, or possessions, I’ve missed seeing the miracle. If I had a million dollars, my testimony wouldn’t glorify God, because many among the wicked have much more.
What do I have that they don’t have? God hasn’t changed who they are, greedy and vengeful. I used to be that way, but not anymore.
I am a miracle because God has changed who I am.
I am living a miracle that isn’t finished yet.
If I love God, and I’m working to fulfill his purpose, the Bible says all things will work together for good (Romans 8:28). That promise is important to me, because I often have trouble seeing the good. I need faith to trust God and know the miracle is coming.
I cannot remain the same.
Each time my plan fails, I become more dependent upon God to guide my steps and supply my needs. I see his hand at work in ways I could never have imagined. Then I have a miracle testimony, not for what I have but for how he took worthless me and made something of value.
For me to testify of God’s greatness and for those words to have any meaning, I must remember that I’m God’s greatest miracle because he made me more like him so I can fulfill his purpose.
Like someone looking into a mirror . . . we become more like him, being changed from glory to greater glory by the work of his Spirit. — 2 Corinthians 3:18