I’ve heard Christians claim that God has never spoken to them. Others talk like he’s constantly calling them on their cell phones, yet their questionable behavior makes me wonder if they are actually listening to their imaginations. I don’t spend much time worrying about that, because I’m in no position to judge.
The thoughts that come to my mind might be God speaking, but since I can’t usually prove one way or the other, I will rarely ever say, “God told me . . .”
In his book Let There Be Light, blind author Joe Giovanelli describes his struggle to hear the Lord. Here are the last words of the last chapter, in which he says God spoke to him:
The last time I prayed for sight, I heard God speak to me, “Joe, it’s best that you do not see. You will glorify me far more by being blind and showing that you have a full life. When you show people your love for Me by word and action, I will be glorified.”
I do not feel I need sight. I am completely at peace.
After learning about his life, most readers would believe he actually did hear from God. Yet some would reject his message if it didn’t agree with their doctrine.
This makes me wonder how many times God could be speaking to me, but I don’t hear because his words don’t match what I want to believe.
“If you were blind,” Jesus said, “you would be blameless. But because you say you can see, you remain blind.” — John 9:41 from Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story