What we don’t know can kill us, and that’s why we need help from God, who knows all things.
Confident he could fix anything, an intelligent handyman crawled under the mobile home to find the water leak. The problem had to be a broken drain from the washing machine. Sure enough, a plastic pipe from the floor to the ground had a small separation that would allow water to escape. All he needed was to cut away a section in the middle and add a new, longer pipe.
With a hacksaw, he began to cut the pipe. Soon after the blade penetrated the plastic, sparks flashed. What had happened? Since plastic was an insulator, the sparks made no sense. But wait. Static electricity could use water as a conductor and discharge current from the trailer to the ground. He was no fool. To be safe rather than sorry, he flipped off the circuit breaker.
As soon as he resumed his cut, sparks flew like a sparkler on the Fourth of July. He jerked back and looked at the blade. A large bite had been taken out of the cutting edge.
How was this possible? Obviously, this wasn’t the washing machine drain. With the breaker off, the situation became obvious. He had cut into the 220-volt power line coming into the mobile home. Had it not been for the rubber saw handle, he would have been electrocuted.
For those who love him and work to fulfill his purpose, all things will work for good (Romans 8:28). But ignoring the signs that we’re doing something wrong and continuing our old ways is total foolishness.
Jesus said, “Anyone who hears my words but never acts on them is like a foolish man who built his house on sand, without a foundation.” – Matthew 7:26