Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” Maybe he had a good reason to ask.
Is our planet flat or round? Does the sun and moon crossing the sky each day prove that both are orbiting the earth? The wrong perspective can easily lead us to believe a lie, which we can’t see as anything but the truth.
As we see it, whatever we believe is a fact, but is it really? How would we know?
Some facts don’t change, whether we believe them or not—like the low temperature yesterday, the height of the Empire State Building, and the flow of water downhill. Facts may be conditional, such as the boiling point of water, which is 212 degrees at sea level, 160 degrees at the top of Mount Everest. Other facts are true only because we believe, which is why diamonds are more precious that rubies, gold is worth more than silver.
Faith plays a crucial role in our behavior, sometimes causing what we believe to be true. Those who see themselves as failures will likely prove their belief. Simply anticipating a great day will make it better. Smile and be friendly, and you’ll be happier and have more friends.
Studies have shown that placebos work, even when patients know what the pills are. Faith matters, even without considering the God factor.
When what we believe matches what God wants to do, we have the kind of faith that is sure to move mountains. And that’s a fact.