If I paused long enough to think about what God has given to me, I should be overwhelmed with gratitude. Unfortunately, my focus on what I don’t have can easily cloud my joy. Perhaps this is why the apostle Paul encouraged us to believe “all things work for good” (Romans 8:29).
Since God typically shows me only the next step or two of his plan, not the whole journey, I need faith to be excited about the future that I can’t see. But for 2018, I have a whole lot of reasons to be excited.
The Story Help Groups ministry that I founded to “encourage and equip all Christians to tell their life-changing stories” has been acquired by Roaring Lambs, another nonprofit ministry that shares my vision. Since I work better as a support person,I asked to be the Assistant Director of their new Roaring Writers ministry. So now I no longer have to be in command. That’s a huge relief.
Without a doubt, I’ll accomplish a lot more than ever before. The potential to help hundreds of people has risen to the thousands.
I will have no time to let anything cloud my joy.
What gifts have you received that make 2018 really exciting? This video lets us see some of the many gifts that we commonly take for granted.