How much do I need to be satisfied? I don’t know. I just know I want more. Why? Mainly because advertising makes me aware of all the things I deserve but don’t have.
If I think this isn’t a common problem, I should consider the millions of Christians who have maxed their credit card limits because they couldn’t be content with what their current income would provide.
That used to be me. When I got a big raise, it was just enough to pay a few bills before I was spending more and felt like I was poor again.
Rich people sometimes dress and act like they’re penniless, because they haven’t yet amassed enough wealth for a pleasure-filled retirement. And then they die before they have a chance to enjoy their savings.
Jesus said I shouldn’t worry about my life, what I’ll eat or how I dress, because God will take care of my needs (Matthew 6:25–30). If that’s true, and I’m sure it is, then I should admit that what I want may be more than what God knows I need.
The apostle Paul said he had learned to be content in all things (Philippians 4:11). How did he do that? Perhaps he figured out that the more he gave, the more God would supply the need for him to give more.
I’m close to accepting the reality that what I need is God. As long as he’s holding my hand, I can be content with whatever he provides.
“More is required of those who are given more.” — Jesus, Luke 12:48

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