In 1978, I had a job that left me tied in knots. When I realized how stressed I was, I decided I would either find a way to be relaxed at all times, no matter how great the pressure, or I’d find another job. The solutions took time to discover and even longer to apply. But eighteen months later, I began a stress-free life.
Unbelievable as it might seem to many, every day for the last thirty-seven years has been more relaxing than what most people enjoy while on vacation. With every opportunity to be stressed, I knew what to do.
I’ll share more discoveries later. But for now, let me build on the aphorism: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Overcoming stress begins with a desire for success.
If we accept stress, we must live with it. But if refuse to be stressed, we will find ways to avoid it.

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