I made a stress-free decision after an abusive English teacher said I could make no better than a C if I didn’t turn in a book report. That year, I always got a C+ and never had to read a book or write a report. Wonderful. Or was it?
Over-commitment or an inappropriate commitment is a major stress builder.
Jesus described two sons (Matthew 21:28–31), one who said he’d do what his father asked, but didn’t; the other who said he wouldn’t, but did. When their commitments didn’t match their actions, they created unavoidable stress for themselves.
I’ve learned to be careful about my commitments, as scripture advises, “Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no” (James 5:12). Not only do I want to commit to what is right, but I must also be sure I’m able and my desire won’t waver.
Commitment to something we don’t do guarantees failure and plenty of stress in getting there.<>/div

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