I find it interesting that I am energized about some things and not others. Some days I get up before the alarm goes off, and on other days I wish I could sleep until noon. What’s the difference?
I’ve noticed that the drive to Colorado to go snow skiing seems to be about half the distance as the drive home. Why is that?
I’m eager to do some jobs, not so thrilled with others. Strangely, the money doesn’t seem to matter. I can see drudgery in one ghostwriting job that pays thousands and can’t get enough of a similar job that pays little. Why is one motivation different from another?
Whenever I have no go juice, my batteries must be low on power. Or maybe I have a weak connection somewhere. How can I identify the problem and boost my energy when I don’t have a spiritual voltmeter handy?
Early in the morning, when my feet hit the floor and I’m ready to run, I know I’m charged up to get a lot done. But what do I do if my batteries have run down?
I think I can learn something from an important verse in the Bible:
Unless we believe in God and the rewards that follow, we’ll neither approach him nor seek to please him. — Hebrews 11:6, Paraphrase by Frank Ball
What is the writer saying? The problem isn’t a lack of energy. It’s that we need desire, or we’ll be too run-down to make it. And the way I boost my desire is to remind myself of the great reward.
If I recognize the reward, I’ll find the energy, and if there’s no reward, then why have I said yes to doing it?
A Unique Way to Check Batteries