Create the perfect pattern, and then make everything like it. With dies and molds, we shape the parts that make our cars. By what pattern are the best people made?
Beauty isn’t a photoshopped image.
Cosmetics is fast becoming a trillion-dollar industry as we try to meet beauty standards. Advertisers select an image to strive for. The prettiest models take the one best photo out of a hundred and with the miracles of Photoshop create an image of beauty that nobody can attain, not even the models.
Maybe we should have more appreciation for the way God works.
No two snowflakes are alike.
Unlike our manufacturing with molds, dies, and cookie cutters, God makes everything different. No one on Earth has my fingerprints, voiceprint, or brain waves. I wasn’t made to look or think like anybody else. Could my differences be a strength, not a weakness?
Like snowflakes, I was made to be different.
With all my failures, faults, and flaws, God knew what I would be. Everything about me and my surroundings was either caused or allowed by my all-knowing, all-powerful God for his good purpose. If he could do any better, he would have done it.
God’s work is always good.
At each stage of creation, God looked at his work and saw that it was good. When I see the inconsistencies, I sometimes wonder if he knows what he is doing. I’m beginning to see that my uniqueness perfectly suits his purpose.
God isn’t finished yet.
When God made me, he used no mold. That’s how being carefully crafted has to be. As my whole being says yes to God, I am ideally suited to do what he wants. And with his help, I will keep getting better.
I praise you, Lord, because of the awesome, unique way that you created me. You did wonderfully well, and my whole being knows and declares this truth. — Psalm 139:14, The Discussion Bible