In 1964, the Beatles recorded Paul McCartney’s song “Can’t Buy Me Love,” which became a huge hit. Many times, a catchy tune delivers such an emotional reward, we don’t stop to consider the validity of the message.
Psychologists tell us that one of our greatest driving forces in life is to be loved and appreciated. If money won’t buy love, what will? The quick, accurate answer: nothing. The kind of love we’re looking for is priceless, because it can’t be bought, not with money or anything else.
Our effort can only bring an earned response, which is compensation more than a true expression of someone caring.
A better term for “lover” is “giver,” an expression that is most evident when its focus is to help the utterly undeserving. We know God has shown that kind of love to us, since we were sinners when he first loved us (Romans 5:8). When we experience the depth of God’s care for us, we have motivation to give without expectation for anything in return (1 John 4:19).
Money can’t buy love, but when we have it, isn’t it among many things we can give to express our love?

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