Born Blind: Voice of a Visionary

Captivating novel episodes about a blind man who was healed.

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From Scripture, we know the blind man had a mind sharp enough to embarrass the council, but no one in his day would consider teaching a blind child. Where did he get an education?
The man’s parents were still alive when he was healed. They could have heard about an angel appearing to shepherds, announcing the Messiah’s birth. With such a stir in Jerusalem, they couldn’t have missed knowing when the wise men arrived from the east. They certainly would have known about the slaughter of babies in Bethlehem. How did they react to such news? Why were they more concerned about their acceptance in the synagogue than for their son?
How might the blind man have avoided becoming a beggar—a most hated occupation?
In this novel, you will read many plausible explanations that may surprise you, but they’ll make perfect sense as you read the story.