A philologist is an unusual student, spending more hours studying than most people would think is reasonable. Maybe one reason I’ve been callnoed “weird” is because I might be tempted to do that. I don’t mind unless what I learn has no practical application.
The difference between the wise and foolish man in Jesus’ story wasn’t in their desire to listen and learn. Both of them had heard his words. The wise man’s house was built on solid rock because the words changed his actions. That’s what I’m looking for.
My wonderful young grandchildren have seen my white hair as the reason for my wisdom, which I thought was funny. Then I noticed how we can respect a PhD above those with applied knowledge. This was the problem with the professional students that studied Scripture all their lives but failed to recognize Jesus (John 5:39).
Listening and learning is good, but the doing is what really matters.
Anyone who hears my words but never acts on them is like a foolish man who built his house on sand, without a foundation. — Matthew 7:26
Any resemblance of my appearance to the bearded man in the video below is purely coincidental.