The “Chicken and the Pig” fable is often used by businesses to illustrate the difference between involvement and commitment. The origin of the fable is unknown. I first heard it from my dad in a church setting in 1948.
Here’s my version:
One day, a chicken and a pig left the farm, seeking to fulfill their purpose in life.
“I want to build a house out of bricks,” the pig said, “where I can feel safe, relax, and watch football on TV.”
“You’ll never become famous doing that,” the chicken said. “How much you give is much more important than what you have.”
The pig grunted. “Then we should do something to help others. Any ideas?”
When they came to a restaurant, the chicken noticed the Help Wanted sign. “Let’s stop in there. I could supply lots of eggs.”
“Don’t like that idea,” the pig said. “For you, it’s a tithe, but for me to give ham and sausage, it’s a total sacrifice.”
I wonder how many Christians think a tithe is enough. The Law called for a tithe. Grace requires much more. God now wants 100 percent, a surrender of everything we want for something we should know is much better—whatever God wants.
[Jesus said,] “If you are not ready to give up everything you have, you cannot be my disciple.” — Luke 14:33 (Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story)

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