People die in threes. My wife knew it was true because she’d seen it happen so many times. I didn’t agree, because I didn’t see it that way. Then one day, I discovered why she was right. After three times, people start counting again.The last time I bought a new car, I picked the make, model, and color that suited me. This car was unique, nothing like it on the road—until I drove it off the showroom floor. Like magic, dozens of cars like mine appeared. Until then, I had no idea how popular this car was.
Was I blind? I didn’t think so, but the evidence said otherwise. I’d been seeing what I wanted to see. Satisfied, I ignored the rest.
Now I understand why so many people might not see the hand of God at work. Maybe they’re not looking. Or worse yet, they might not want to see.
Jesus never condemned blindness, but he did condemn those who said they could see but didn’t (John 9:41). In my prayers, I can freely proclaim my blindness, knowing that God can see and help me with what I don’t know that I can’t see.

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