Barbara worked as hard and smart as she knew how, but she couldn’t even guess when she could finish her project, which explained why she had come in early and worked late for the last three months. Then came the day when she had to give a progress report.
The boss wasn’t smiling. “If you can’t do the job,” he said, “I’ll find someone who can.”
At that point, Barbara was ready to quit. If her best effort wasn’t good enough, she had no chance of pleasing her boss. Not ever.
The boss knew Barbara’s value and would never want to lose her. He was only pushing for results.
Demand for performance permeates our society. That’s why Christians often have difficulty understanding that God’s expectations are for something other than results. He wants surrender, obedience, and effort. When we do that as best we know how, we’ve put out talents to the right use.
God will use our work, however small it might be, to bring about the miraculous results we can’t control. Doesn’t that make us good enough?

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